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Setup issues and troubleshooting

Where do I put the Calendar URL in my software?

It can be a little bit puzzle-y to figure out where to put the URL in your favorite software. So here’s a quick list of common ones that you’ll find. If you have a software that you use that you would like to document here, contact support!

Apple Calendar / iCloud

File > New Calendar Subscription…

File > New Calendar Subscription…

Here’s where you paste in the URL.

Here’s where you paste in the URL.

For Apple you need to open your Calendar app and navigate to File > New Calendar Subscription... .

After that you should be met with a window where you can paste in the URL.

The rest of the setup includes setting the calendar title, although the default should match with what you setup, unless you run into Calendar-side problems.

iCloud should then sync this calendar to all of your devices including your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Google Calendar

The button to add new calendars.

The button to add new calendars.

For Google Calendar, navigate to the website and click the “Add other calendars” + button at the bottom of the left panel. (see picture on the right)

Then proceed to select the From URL option in the list.

Click the From URL option.

Click the From URL option.

Afterwards, paste in the URL that you copied from Notion Cafe ☕️. You can make the calendar publicly accessible, that’s your personal choice 🙂

Where you paste in the URL.

Where you paste in the URL.

Afterwards, edit the calendar like you normally would to change color and title.

My Formula Title / Location / Date doesn’t work!

If you make use of Premium✨ and are excited to use the formula properties there might be a small hiccup you can encounter. If the property either returns empty or your calendar receives the 🔄 Couldn’t be refreshed error, you might’ve forgotten something!

When using formula’s that depend on external data (rollups, relations, etc) that the databases you’re referring to are also authorised to be used by Notion Cafe ☕️.

Afterwards, you might need to manually refresh the calendar by opening the settings for the calendar and clicking Submit.

Calendar-side problems

🫢 No data available

This happens when the integration can’t find any “Date” related info in the Notion database you want to sync. There are usually two causes for this.

  1. You didn’t set up a “Date” property when you created a calendar.
  2. You deleted your selected “Date” property from your database
  3. You’re using 🏷 Advanced filters and you got no results based on your custom filter.
  4. You actually don’t have any date related info in your database (September 23, 2022 in title or a property).

How the issue might appear in your calendar.

How the issue might appear in your calendar.

The fixes for this are simple. In case of problem #1 & #2: navigate over to the integration page and click the blue 🟦 ”Edit” button for the calendar that has the issue. Move the “Date property” dropdown in the menu and select the date property you would like to get the “Date” information from.

Once you’ve done this (or are facing issue #3) just start adding cards/pages to your Notion database with “Date” information. You can do this by:

  1. Using mentions (like September 1, 2022) in the title of the card/page.
  2. Setting a value of your newly selected “Date” property on several cards/pages.