✉️ I got an email saying I need update my payment info / failed a payment!

Login to Notion Cafe ☕️ and use the top-right menu to enter the billing area. In there you can update your information as needed. Getting stuck? Contact support immediately

General issues

⏳ My calendar takes a long time to reload!

Updating can unfortunately not happen instantly, not even with Premium.

Right now Notion offers no way for me to keep track of changes beside manually re-downloading your entire database. So unfortunately, this means that when you change your database or a page in there, it will take 30 minutes (or as low as 5 minutes with Premium) for it to update in Notion Cafe ☕️.

You also need to make sure that it updates as fast as possible in your calendar software itself. If you have your update time to 30 minutes in there, it can theoretically take 59 minutes before you see an update.

Be sure to set your update frequency as low as possible in your calendar software to be as close as you can to what Notion Cafe updates at.

Setup issues and troubleshooting

🔗 Where do I put the Calendar URL in my software?

It can be a little bit puzzle-y to figure out where to put the URL in your favorite software. So here’s a quick list of common ones that you’ll find. If you have a software that you use that you would like to document here, contact support!

Apple Calendar / iCloud

Google Calendar

𝑓 My Formula Title / Location / Date doesn’t work!

If you make use of Premium✨ and are excited to use the formula properties there might be a small hiccup you can encounter. If the property either returns empty or your calendar receives the 🔄 Couldn’t be refreshed error, you might’ve forgotten something!

When using formula’s that depend on external data (rollups, relations, etc) that the databases you’re referring to are also authorised to be used by Notion Cafe ☕️.

Afterwards, you might need to manually refresh the calendar by opening the settings for the calendar and clicking Submit.